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Wan Azizah anti-climaxed “the old man’s” obsession

While Dr Mahathir is obsessed in trying to determine the opposition pact political direction, Dr Wan Azizah abruptly anti-climaxed his ANC (anti-Najib campaign) team by challenging him to contest in the next general election. But first, this is not only meant to direct it to Dr Mahathir but his lackey Zaid Ibrahim response to Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak’s earlier challenge.

Dr Wan Azizah, the elected and appointed by our parliament as the Opposition Leader is telling us how foolish and ignorant for someone like Zaid who used to be a law minister during Pak Lah’s tenure to even take up Salleh’s provocation. In Zaid’s series of twitter remarks, he wrote that Dr Mahathir will gladly accept Salleh’s dare to be opposition leader if BN is willing to make our election free and fair.

For someone who has had his position in the government, Zaid today has stooped so low to be ignorant that an Opposition Leader is elected and appointed through the country’s democratic election process. Unless you are a member of the parliament, you are not only legally appointed but morally elected with or without an opposition pact.

The reason for Wan Azizah, Anwar Ibrahim or even Kit Siang who is and was the Opposition Leader, they contested and won their respective parliamentary consituency election. Precendently, they are a member representing a registered political party. This clearly shows that Zaid is not only ignorant but desperate to save face for Dr Mahathir in his continous defeat to PM Najib’s victories.

As the ‘Deklarasi Rakyat’ campaign is at the verge of its failure, when dispute over the one million signatories was exposed by PKR members, and now the twin by-election results has proven that Dr Mahathir’s campaign is not wanted, thus Zaid has turned himself into intense irrational person and stupidity is now his best policy.

Zaid has colorful history in his political career. He left UMNO and PKR when his ideas were rejected and the sulked lawyer formed a new party, KITA. Even so, Zaid admitted that as the founder of the new party, it is his another failure that the party had to be dissolved.

In UMNO, no one has forgotten how he gained his wealth with GLC contracts during Dr Mahathir’s 22 years tenure as the Prime Minister but oddly he was never Dr Mahathir’s favorite. Zaid had once admitted that Dr Mahathir refused to call him by his name except only to address him as ‘that lawyer’.

Politics could submit to the impossibles when today Zaid is seen as one of Dr Mahathir’s lackey. Unfortunately, Zaid is what he has always been – the gibberish politician. Not only Wan Azizah has anti-climaxed Dr Mahathir’s obsession to lead the opposition pact, she is also telling that Dr Mahathir’s bell-boy is hopeless and Zaid’s remarks to speak for Pakatan Harapan are not welcome.

In spite of what Dr Mahathir and Zaid have said and done, with the support of a claimed million ‘Deklarasi Rakyat’ signatures, it is therefore both of them should establish a new political party to prepare for the next general election. The second best thing to do is, they could offer themselves to join either of the Pakatan Harapan party and beg them as their candidate.

Perhaps the second option is a bit too absurd to even consider it since they will be seen begging. Therefore, they will be neither here nor there when as partyless politicians willl forever remain irrelevant to the rakyat even from both ends, the government and opposition supporters. To even consider themselves as the third force politicians, history has also proven that these bunch of people such as Ambiga who once lead Bersih rallies, they are not able to last.

Once again, democracy lead by majority rakyat will always prevail and partyless politicians remain irrelevant.

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